Wierzymy w odmienny styl działania. Sądzimy, że to czyni nas najlepszymi i równocześnie pozwala pozostać nienasyconymi. Każdego dnia podążamy własną unikalną ścieżką. Dzięki temu rezultaty naszej pracy są innowacyjne, dogłębnie przemyślane i profesjonalnie zaprojektowane. Tak się składa, że tworzymy doskonałe oprogramowanie.

Imbue Lab (...) has provided
development and support services ..



Our offer includes requirements gathering, low and high level design, work on solution architecture and what is our main field of expertise...


O nas

Imbue Lab Ltd was founded in 2011 by two experienced IT specialists. The mission of our company has always been to deliver high-performance, scalable and fault-tolerant solutions meeting the requirements of the most demanding clients.

We specialize in delivering software solutions based on cutting-edge technologies and have proved ourselves delivering successful systems to companies from financial and telecommunication sectors.

Our offer includes requirements gathering, low and high level design, work on solution architecture and what is our main field of expertise - software engineering.

Clients from abroad cooperate with Imbue Lab based on a nearshore outsourcing model or take benefits from our services in a contractor model partnership. Having very strong technical and domain knowledge we also offer professional consulting, both remote and on-site.


dedicated software

IT Consulting solutions

Our work is primarily based on the Java and .NET platforms.

NET platforms. Imbue Lab specialists have strong expertise in the standard technology area, server and enterprise solutions, high performance and high availability applications (application servers, distributed caches, complex event processing and clustering) the last of which being considered as the top and rare skills in the IT world. What is it that makes us a really unique company on the market? In addition to the skills mentioned above we also have strong experience working with low level solutions (e.g. assembling network protocols) which allows us to offer our clients a complete set of services.

Imbue Lab has been closely cooperating with a London-based company delivering monitoring solutions for existing IT systems (primarily trading platforms of top investment banks).

The product works with the business-level layer of the monitored system, processes tens of thousands of operations per second and gives the-end user a full insight into the process. What we consider to be a very innovative solution is the possibility to monitor the whole IT system without interfering with it. This is feasible thanks to the unique mechanism of network sniffing. Graphical user interface makes it available for the users to observe the real business flows in a way that is often not possible even within the monitored system itself.

We have full confidence in the skills of our team. We employ only the most talented specialists, seniors with strong experience as system integrators (Java, .NET, SOA, ESB), former employees of top telecommunication and financial companies. Therefore our clients are noticing very strong benefits when working with us: time to delivery is short and the quality much higher than of our competitors.


We encourage you to contact Imbue Lab Ltd in order to familiarize yourself with our full offer and learn how our expertise can help your business. Whether it is the nearshoring model, a need to build a high-performance and scalable software solution or just consultancy services, we will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

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Imbue Lab (...) has provided development and support services (...), has excellent knowledge of the technology and its implementation, and has built a strong reputation for delivery.
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Imbue Lab participates in development process of health care portal as a partner of Sigato Group LLC.
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(...) Imbue Lab has always been acting in a professional manner, very productive and responsive, it had a significant impact on the current shape of our development process.
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